Keeping up with Joshua.....

Joshua's lovely family! Wife Erika & son Wyatt.
Here are a few photos from Joshua's small farm. He's purchased a home on 10 acres just west of Pryor, OK . He's been working to make improvements to his property as well as remodeling his house. He manages one of our rural water districts, raises a few head of cattle, he partners with us in the dairy goat herd as well as our hay business, and has his own small custom cattle hauling business on the side. Needless to say, young Joshua is a very busy man. He still finds time to haul goats to show for me and even attends a show now and again. I'm proud of my son! Can you tell?! ***Joshua is now married to Erika Baker of Chelsea, OK. They are proud parents of Wyatt Eugene Dill!***

Chris and Ellen Dorsey
Joshua and Jonathon Dill
21181 E. Hwy 28A
Chelsea, OK 74016
918 342 1425