Hand Quilted Quilts

Teddy Bears!

Here are a few of the quilts I've made
over the years. Thought you all might
enjoy seeing them. I will add better pictures
as I take them. I will also add more photos
of other quilts that I've made as time permits.
Enjoy your tour!

This is a small Crazy Quilt I made. I
gifted this to a friend and neighbor of
mine. It really looks lovely in her home!
Draped over this old trunk is a nice touch!

This is son Jonathon's quilt. It's a full
size Log Cabin Broken Star. I thought
it went together exceptionally well, and
wanted to share pictures!
This is my latest work in progress. This is
son Joshua's quilt. Another Log Cabin
Broken Star. I will take new pictures of it
when it is complete. But, it's so pretty, I
just had to share!
This is my Drunkard's Path quilt. It is
entirely pieced by hand, and hand quilted.
Just because! :)
This is my first Sampler quilt. I've named
it Colonial Sampler because of all the
old patterned blocks it contains. This
quilt is getting old...so it isn't much used
anymore. It's still pretty though.
This is an embroidered quilt. My former MIL
started the embroidery for this then set it
down. That was too much work to waste!
I finished her embroidery, added 9 patches,
sashes, borders, and hand quilted it. It turned
out darling! I proudly use and display this
quilt in my home today!
This is a Double Irish Chain. I'll get a
better picture of it soon. There are
actually two of these---identical! I
made these for my sons several years
ago to fit their twin sized beds. They were
their "boyish quilts". They went through
a stage where they didn't like anything
with flowers! So, I re-did their room as
masculine as possible. These quilts were
perfect for their "boyish" desire!
This is my Canada Goose quilt with
Flying Geese border. This was a joint
effort by son Jonathon and I. He drew
the goose pattern for me, and I did the
quilt. I then added the wonderful border
to set it off just right! This quilt was made
to grace my sons' "boyish" room. It now
hangs proudly at the top of the stairs
where all who enter our home can see it.
This is a Log Cabin lap quilt I made for
Joshua when he was a tiny boy! This is
his drag about quilt! He now displays it
over the back of the chair in his bedroom
in his own home. It's seen a TON
of use....but is still pretty
enough to show.
This is an Ohio Star I made several years
ago. This was made as a gift to my father
in law. Sorry about the picture quality. I
took a picture of the picture! It works
well enough for you to get an idea of
how this quilt looks.
This is a darling old quilt that I found as
a quilt top at a garage sale. It was just
thrown together any old way. I took it
apart...put all the large blocks in the
center, added the red border and then
sewed the small squares into the borders
of the quilt. I then hand quilted it. It
turned out so sweet! This quilt now
resides in the home of a dear lady,
Maddie Valeri.

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Joshua and Jonathon Dill
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Chelsea, OK 74016
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